Crimp Quality Solutions
A full package of tools and support for crimp quality. Crimping a wire to a terminal as simple as it sounds, can make or break a wire assembly. Electrical performance is greatly affected by the way a wire is attached to a terminal. In some cases the effect may not be seen for a long time. But a mis-applied connection in an electrical assembly carries great risk of premature failure of the product.

Installing the proper monitoring equipment is a good step but an understanding of the crimp process is an important factor in the successful implementation of crimp monitoring technology.

Crimp Quality Solutions is broken down into three components.
Consulting and Support Services
WireProcess Specialties has over three decades of experience in terminal crimping. We have helped customers take their their crimp process to a higher level. And we can help you too. We start with an assesment of your current systems and practices around terminal crimping. We will provide comprensive recommendations for process improvement. And assist in forming an action plan.

Our support services compliment our consulting efforts. Crimp Cross Section Analysis is a well established method of validating crimp quality. We have in house Cross Section Capability which can be part of our consulting report or as an ad hoc service in advance of acquring your in house Cross Section Capability. Click here to view our Cross Section Services.
To ensure a successful implementation of quality validation and monitoring technology, knowledge of the whole crimp process is critical. Our industry experts in crimp technology have come together to produce a comprehensive training curriculum. This training can be tailored to your individual needs and for all personnel that are involved in the terminal crimp process.

Training includes handouts for personnel and can be performed via webinar or in house at your facility.
Quality Validation and Monitoring Technology
The final step in the implementation of a full quality system for terminal crimping is the selection of validation and process monitoring tools. We have you covered. Crimping and Stamping Technologies is our Global Technology Partner for hardware and software solutions. We supply crimp measuring tools like crimp height micrometers and pull testers. Full Crimp Cross Section labs with the powerful X-Scan software for analyzing crimp profiles. 

For process monitoring, we supply crimp force monitors that can be installed to bench pressses and automatic wire processing machines. To tie it all together, networking validation and monitoring tools remove operator decisions on what is a good or bad crimp.  Click here to view our hardware and software solutions.
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