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Crimping and Stamping Technologies is a globally recognized expert in crimp quality validation and monitoring.  C&S supplies a complete line of crimp testing and validation, in process monitoring and data collection analysis tools.  Start with simple pull tester and crimp force monitor and expand to a fully networked system to validate crimp quality prior to production, monitoring and data collection.
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Essential Tools for Crimp Quality  
Crimp Cross Section Analysis
Cross Section Analysis has become an essential tool for crimp quality. Cross Section Analysis is used in quality labs for crimp validation and also on the plant floor for in process inspection. The speed of sample preparation to measurement makes it possible to use in real time quality analysis.

The ECS 3000 pictured includes sample preparation (cutting, grinding, polishing), imaging using high resolution digital microscopes and imaging software. X-Scan is a powerful crimp analysis software package with automatic crimp height, width and area measurements.

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MX Series Crimp Monitors
The C&S MX crimp monitor series are designed to monitor crimp quality in real time.  Typical crimp defects such as high or low insulation cut and cut strands can be detected.  This advanced detection system can also detect less common defects such as stranding not encapsulated but laminated to the top of the crimp.  

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Single Channel Crimp Force Monitor. Including USB download of CFM data and network compatible to the MPN-100 crimp press network. Click here for more information.
MPN 100 Manual Press Network
Networking your processing equipment and quality measurement tools is possible with the MPN100. Connecting manual presses to a server with validation data automates and controls crimp validation and process monitoring. Click here.
APT 1000 Motorized Pull Tester. Constant pull speed. Download data for external analysis. Click here.
BAS 1000 Bend Angle Station. To measure parallelism and bend angle.  Click here.